Diary of a Foodie

We live on food! Eat to live! Love to eat! And finally, food is life!

People like me don’t eat to live. We live to eat. As long as you can live, you can have more kinds of foods.

Being a real foodie, I always try to taste various types of food here and there. Seeking food from different countries is my hobby. While eating, I only think about the authenticity of the food.

While experiencing different kinds of food, I got to know that the various countries people have different sorts of choice for food. The processing is not same, and the taste also differs from man to man. After lots of years of consumptions of a different kind of food now, I know that taste is not the only thing we should look for in food. The food should also be hygienic and healthy.

Now I am researching about how to make healthy food in the easiest way. While researching on the web, I have gone through some best air fryer reviews. These studies have caught my attention as the provisions made by air fryer seem very appealing and healthy at the same time. There are also some other appliances to make food healthier. These are the rice cooker, slow cooker, sushi maker, juicer, etc.

air fryer

You can make some low-calorie food with the rice cooker and slow cooker. These two kinds food maker can preserve all the quality of food while cooking. Air fryer uses a tiny amount of oil while frying different foods. It also makes sure the taste of cooked food. The juicer is always a healthy option of taking fresh food. Fresh juice of various fruits and vegetables help to circulate and purify our blood. A glass of fresh juice prevents many diseases.

If you have some easy to use kitchen appliances you can make tasty and healthy food in the home what I am trying right now. Nowadays I don’t go to the restaurant, to taste various kinds of foods. I only sit at home with my browser, search for different types of foods of a different country, go through the recipe a-z and, if possible, I also see the video of the cooking procedure then start cooking.

Learning new thing has always been a pleasure to me. Now I am learning making various kinds of foods in a healthier way. If I can successfully transform making all the food in a healthy way, I shall write a book about it. Though several books, in the market are also helping me to make different healthy foods.

An air fryer review has changed my lifestyle dramatically. You have to think modern if you want to live happily. To be happy, you have to lead a healthy life. To live a healthy life you need to take healthy food and making healthy food is just on your hand. So if you are still using traditional kitchen appliances then renovate your kitchen with modern equipment and live a healthy and happy life always.